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The real life side of TAB Photographic, when I'm not out with the brides and grooms it's about the adventures, the bikes and the real life we live, and I know you're here checking it out, but if it's nice outside, you shouldn't be here right now, you shoudl be outside!

Squashing Stigma

The squashing stigma side of TAB is a project I began with a site specific to just that, squashing the stigmas that so many people seem to live with day in and day out. Just seemed like a lot of individuals were hesitant to come forward, so while I am putting new strategies in place to grow this project, I have decided to work that project and The Adventure TAB into one site together. So the stories can now intertwine and I can hopefully bring forth more awareness about the stigmas that so many different indivuals are forced to face and live with. If you're interested in becoming part of that project, just reach out to me with the contract page and we can privately chat more the possibilities. 

To read more about the squashing stigma side, ::click here::

Adventures, Explorations & Thoughts

The Adventure TAB really came to be for no one reason in particular. I just found that I needed to release my creativity outside of weddings, as well as my thoughts, opinions, concerns and more in a place that wasn't directly tied in with weddings. 

So, from bike races, to random hikes, day trips to small towns, long road trips, days home and more. All of that is really what the journal and posts are about. 

I'm sure there will be plenty of individuals that my not hold my same opinions and some who strongly agree. No matter where you stand, I appreciate you. 

You can be part of The Adventure TAB and learn more ::HERE::

Your Business Platform & Social Media Needs

While this generally has nothing to do with the work / wedding side of TAB Photographic, there is one side of the business I will share here. That's for those in need of some real business photography / video and or drone footage. If you've been needing images for instagram or facebook, maybe photos to base your next presentation or advertisement from, while I'm out and about in the world, I can make it a point to come to your neck of the woods, the desert, the city, the beaches and more to create some awesome along side of the awesome you and your business are already creating. Why? It's part of my way to continue on the road and the adventures. Check out the details by clicking ::HERE::

The Journal – Writings, Thoughts, Photos, Videos & More

Recent and at times, not so recent posts are found below. A general mix of all The Adventure TAB has to offer. 

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How I Got Here

A short rundown of how I got to where I am and I guess, where to next??? 

Where It Started – 1977-2006

Born in 1977 and grew up in Southern New England. Photography just sort of happened with my father being a professional photographer. Put simply, I grew up with cameras my entire life. One of the first memories I have is sitting under the bird feeder and blasting thru my fathers rolls of 35MM film, most of which ended up out of focus. Let's just call those photos "artistically blurred"??? In 2006 I lost my father and since then photography has become part of life.

2007 Forward – A New Career Is Born

After losing my father and getting back into photography as a way to keep that part of him with me, I was invited to photograph my first wedding. From there, it sort of snowballed. Now, a little over 10 years later, capturing weddings across the country and beyond, I can say I am so truly blessed to not only do what I do for a career which feels more like an awesome adventure but to do so folliwng in my fathers footsteps. All that is found ::HERE::

2017 The Now

Well, I guess here is where we are now. Life is becoming more about the adventures and the exploring. Even if it's 10 minutes from home or halfway across the country. And while the TAB Photographic side will still fuel life, I guess it's this site that fuels my soul. From the photo projects to getting away and exploring. Here is where I am and now is what I have. Let's go explore!

The Who

Just me and the sidekicks here. 

Blue & Banksy

- Four Legged Side Kicks - click ::HERE:: to meet them

Tim – That’s Me.

There's really nothing crazy to know, but if you indeed need to know more, or maybe share a story / be part of The Adventure TAB or more, click ::HERE::

The Gear

The gear, I'm not a real "gear" head, what I am is a, "do the best I can with what I have" type. Primarily I'm a Nikon guy, go pro, DJI drones and more. Moving forward, I'll post what ever equipment is used in each story or post, on that specific post. 

Reach Out

Do you have something you want to share? A story, a location to be checked out? Maybe I was driving like a jerk? Maybe you just want to say Hi or connect for a cup of coffee or a ride when I'm in your neck of the woods. Whatever your reason, as you can tell, this here is the way to do it. Fill out the form and hit the "send message" button down there and I'll get back to you with in 24 hours when I have service.

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