About The Adventure TAB

As I’ve mentioned before, my main gig is as a wedding photographer ( http://wedding-photographers.photography ) and I do indeed love what I do. The Adventure TAB is just for anything and everything else I want to share and or post.

21543794_10155633361343665_1979311741668460519_oThe deeper details, I’m a cyclist who still rides as often as possible while sneaking in some races here and there. Especially on the BMX bikes. I have a slightly large whiskey collection, much of which has grown thanks to my clients as many gift a bottle here and there. Two dogs, Blue and Banksy. Two kids. And I live in a small town in Northwestern CT.

If I could live anywhere, it would be tucked into a red rock hillside in Sedona Arizona. I’m always up for random adventures and willing to explore anything. I would prefer to be in nature than in a city and would eat boxed macaroni and cheese while sitting in a valley surrounded by 8,000 ft cliffs than in a restaurant being served.

As for where to next or what the plans are, well…. That will grow as time comes. For now, feel free to reach out ::HERE:: if you believe there’s somewhere I would want to go or if you notice I’ll be in your area and maybe we can grab a coffee or you can show us around.

Really thought, I’m not one that likes to talk about myself, so there ya have it.