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When you need help creating social media posts, we are here!!!

While I have been photographing weddings for the past 11 years and it’s what the primary business of TAB Photographic revolves around, I have had photo sessions and work across the photography spectrum. Not to mention coming from a background with my father who was a commercial photographer, I have a good grasp on what a company is looking for in it’s photography needs and we always have a phone consultation prior to the work to make sure that together we nail it.

Business platform means your social media will thrive with plenty of images and video.

Instagram – Snapchat – Youtube – Facebook – Advertising & more…

Offering this business platform has many benefits. Especially if you catch me while I’m on the road. On the road means that you get an awesome breakdown with a lot of benefits packed into an awesome package and a greatly reduced price. A package that would normally have an investment in the $1500.00+ range

What I’m offering while mid travels would look like the below. The only way to take advantage of this option is to contact me here and I will reach out to discuss when I may be in your area, or you’re already involved because I reached out to you letting you know I will be in the area. And really what that means is that I dig your business and it’s something that I enjoy in my own life, so that means that one, I want to come meet you and your staff and enjoy what your business offers. Two, I will probably leave your business with what you offer in hand so I can enjoy it and share it further down the road. And three, that the below is something that you can invest in with the special pricing I included in the e-mail you received directly from me.

Business Platform Breakdown

Features can also be individually chosen if you don’t feel as thought your business would benefit from all the below.

  • 30 minute phone consult to discuss what your needs are and how we can meet them.
  • No less than 30 photos you have the rights to use in social media posts and ad campaigns
  • Raw video footage you will have rights to use and produce with
  • 30 second & 60 second cinematic presentation using a combination of video, drone video, photos and audio. These are perfect for instagram and facebook posts. Longer presentations available for additional investment
  • Drone Footage, photos and video
  • Cross platform marketing across our social media outlets (means more new eyes, roughly 12,000 followers etc at the moment, looking at your product)

Pricing Breakdown 

The Above Platform Has A Starting Investment of $1590.00 

Small samples of past work can be seen below

Onyx Moonshine – Moonshine / Whiskey Distillery

Newington Bike – Bicycle Shop