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First up, if you see us, take a photo with us or our bikes, or the motorhome or the trailer or the… Share away and hashtag it with #theadventuretab or tag us @theadventuretab chances are pretty good we will then post that image or story.

Even more so, if you saw us somewhere awesome where you yourself were out adventuring, reach out ::HERE:: and let’s chat and share your story and or images / video.

If it’s none of the above but you believe you know a place we should go, or someone that we should photograph and include in our Squashing Stigma Project or just feel like saying hi. You too should use the contact page and reach out ::HERE::

The reality is, there may not be much of a set direction so you never know where we may end up. And if you want to connect somewhere along the travels, just speak up. Or maybe you want to visit a part of the country but don’t have all the means to do it. Reach out and chat with us about logistics and possibilities, fly into an airport close to where we are and we can make it happen and adventure together.

What ever you feel like you can share, share away with our contact page and reach on out.