Life and It’s Stigmas

Recent stigma stories captured with more to come, you can click on individual stories.

(currently preparing to work in the 2018 / 2019 winter to dig more into the stigmas that plague our country as a whole)

Minjae’s Story of dealing with the battles of Autism

Nicki’s story of dealing with bi-polar disorder

Logan’s battle, when everyone loves you but you still feel alone…



Long story short, there’s this desire inside of me that wants to give back. And going into my 11th year as a professional photographer, the way I see fit to do so is with, you guessed it, photography. Unfortunately, the project took a back seat for the past year but I have to put it back in the front seat. It’s a must, so buckle up and get ready for the adventures.

You see, the stigma project comes from a place in my heart, a place of non-judgment and a not so simple way of living. A place where I wish we could all just be equals, where one didn’t look down on another, or wishing that someone didn’t have to look away in a feeling of shame fearing what they may believe others are thinking. From labels that society has given to them to battles they face because of handicaps or income.

With that, the thought originated with the desire to photograph children that may be growing up in a loving family, but a family that may not have the ability to have professional photos captured. Why? Because studies have showed that children have more self respect and confidence when they see photos of themselves on the walls and feel like they fit into their family with more love when family photos are on the walls.

From there – the feelings, thoughts and drive to make this project more has grown. So it began to morph into more. “How can I fill the hearts of more?”. How can I bring more of our country to the forefront before it’s too late? From the lands to the people. Those that are homeless, those that suffer from PTSD, those that may have lost all their photos in fires, or floods.

That’s the hypothesis of where “it” and I am at. If you want to chat more or directly learn more or help become part of the project, please reach out by ::clicking here::. I would love to share the thoughts and direction and am always willing to accept fresh ideas.

If there’s a part of you that believes you can help with this adventure with even a small donation of a few dollars, or maybe even more, you can do so by ::clicking here::. All funds raised will be used to cover travel expenses, photos that will be printed for families and individuals, food and blankets I will hand out to the homeless and those in need and more.

For now, even if reading the stories is all you can do, I appreciate it and appreciate you. We all matter.