The Banksy And The Blue

– The Furry Sidekicks –

The furry four legged side kicks. These two are complete goofballs and at times, annoying like nobodies business. haha Kidding kidding (not kidding)…

Banksy was rescued first and is a criss cross of breeds. He’s lovable and cuddly except when he’s not. Meaning, if he doesn’t know you and you come into his home and you’re alone. Well, don’t come into his home if you don’t know him. Plain and simple. K. Really though, he loves playing fetch when his brother isn’t biting his ankles disrupting the game. He will sleep all day long as long as he’s on my bed and he never needs for anything.

Then you have Blue, aka: Walter, is quite the opposite and needs for everything. he came into our lives a few months after Banksy so they’re about the same age. He’s vocal and will happily whimper till he gets what he wants. At the same time, being a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, he’s headstrong and learns easily. He’s never far off my stride and will randomly launch at his brother with out notice. Creating a game of chase, keep away or just plain “run around the house as fast as you can till dad gets mad”…

All in all though, these two are awesome. They listen well and enjoy being out and about and all around. They’re just awesome little, not so little, guys!